Smart City

Smart Water

Pioneer Smart NBIoT Water-Service Solution Platform

NBIoT Manhole Water-Level and Flow-Monitoring Solution

NBIoT Manhole-Cover Sensor Solution

Smart Gas

Pioneer Residential NBIoT Ultrasonic Gas-Meter

Smart Power

Pioneer Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI) System with Smart Power-Meters

Smart Fire

Pioneer NBIoT Smart Smoke-Alarm System

NBIoT Emergency Light Solution

Smart Asset

Pioneer NBIoT GPS Asset Tracker

NBIoT Livestock GPS Solar Ear-Tag Solution

Smart Transport

Pioneer IoT Smart-Driving Fleet-Management Solution With Live View and Recording

Healthcare Cold-Chain Cloud Platform

Smart Street

Pioneer NBIoT Roadside eParking System With eTag Auto-Payment

Smart Pole Solution

Smart Weather

Micro Meteorology Environment Monitor

Smart Waste

Waste-Bin Sensor Sensor Solution