Pioneer Smart eID Animal Welfare Solution

Welcome to the future of animal welfare with Pioneer IoT’s Smart eID Animal Welfare Solution. Our comprehensive system is designed to revolutionize livestock management through cutting-edge technology, providing accurate and real-time data to ensure the well-being of your animals. Explore the key features and functionalities that make our solution stand out:


  • Livestock Counting: Accurate counting for efficient herd management.
  • Livestock Weighing: Real-time weight monitoring to track the health and growth of individual animals.
  • Living Condition Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of living conditions to ensure optimal environments for your animals.
  • Shy Feeder Identification: Identify and address feeding issues for individual animals.

Functional Modules:

  • Cross-Platform App: Accessible on PC, iOS, and Android devices for convenient monitoring.
  • Body Temperature Monitoring: Keep track of animal health with real-time temperature data.
  • Step Counting: Monitor animal activity levels through step counting.
  • Food/Water Intake: Track consumption patterns for better nutrition management.
  • Activities Areas: Identify areas of high or low activity for improved space utilization.
  • Environment Data (Temperature, Humidity, Gas, etc.): Monitor ambient conditions crucial for animal well-being.
  • Animal Density Number: Understand and manage livestock density for optimal conditions.

Data Collection:

  • Active RFID eID Animal Ear Tag: Utilize advanced RFID technology for seamless data collection.
  • Passive RFID: Efficient data retrieval through passive RFID technology.
  • Data Collection 5G Mini Station: Access data through high-speed 5G technology for real-time updates.
  • RFID Reader & Antenna: Equip your facility with RFID readers and antennas for comprehensive coverage.

Data Processing:

  • RSSI Location Sync: Precise location tracking through advanced synchronization.
  • Step Counting Model: Utilize step counting models for accurate activity assessment.
  • Edge Computing Model: Process data at the source for faster and efficient decision-making.

Smart Ear Tag:


Animal Vital Data Collection:

  • Customizable data collection including temperature, humidity, G-sensor, vibration, etc.

Product Specifications:

  • Temperature collection range: -30 to 85°C
  • Data collection frequency: 1 to 360 minutes adjustable
  • Battery lifetime: >3 years
  • IP65 shell protection level
  • Range: Up to 1000 meters in open space