Pioneer IoT is the subsidiary of Pioneer Computers ( , Australia’s leading manufacturer of ICT and聽 IoT equipment including Smart Meters, Smart Sensors since 1996 ,聽 specializing in IoT Smart City solutions and IoT Healthcare solutions under Pioneer Medical (

Pioneer IoT is the world鈥檚 leading NB IoT technology provider, under contracts for Australia Federal Government, State Government and聽 Local Government:

ISO 9001 Quality Endorsed Manufacturer
Australian Commonwealth Government Endorsed Supplier
Australian Defence CDIC LoRS Manufacturer
NSW Local Government Panel Contract LGP聽 Products, Services & Consulting
NSW State Government C999 Panel Contract Supplier

Member and Partner of:
Australia Industry Defence Network (AIDN)
Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA)
IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA)
Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC )
Australian Technology and Investment Committee (ATIC)
NSW Smart Sensoring Network (NSSN)
Global Organization of Smart Cities (GO SMART)

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Flagship solutions include :

Smart Water

路 NB IoT Ultrasonic Water Meters Solution

路 NB IoT Manhole Water Level and Flow Monitoring Solution

路 NB IoT Manhole Cover Sensor Solution

Smart Gas

路 NB IoT Ultrasonic Gas Meters Solution

Smart Power

路 Smart Power-Metering AMI System

Smart Fire

路 NB IoT Smart Smoke Alarm Solution

路 NB IoT LED Exit Light Solution

Smart Asset

路 NB IoT GPS Asset Tracking Solution

路 NB IoT Livestock GPS Asset Tracking Solution

Smart Street

路 NB IoT eTag Street Parking Solution

路 Smart Pole Solution

Smart Transport

路 NB IoT Healthcare Cold Chain Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Solution

Smart Weather

路 NB IoT Weather Station

Smart Waste

路 NB IoT Waste Bin Sensor Solution

The Pioneer NB IoT Smart Smoke Alarm System project is a finalist for 2020 GO SMART Award with juries鈥 high recognition. The Pioneer NB IoT聽 Healthcare Cold Chain Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Solution also is on聽 finalist for 2021 GO SMART Award in Taipei.

Pioneer IoT partners with major telecommunications companies, utility companies and solution providers in Australia and worldwide, projects are rolling out in ANZ, South East Asia , Europe, Middle East and South America etc.

The technology is ready and can be customized to client requirements.

Project inquiries welcome.

Awards and Achievements

The stunning performance of our innovative devices has won us over 100 awards from major IT journals such as APC, PC World, PC Authority, PC User plus Technology and Business. We have also won numerous other awards for our efforts and advancements in the field of new technology and development including:

鈥2021 Finalist Global GO SMART Award in Taipei

鈥2020 Finalist Global GO SMART Award in Taipei

鈥2013 鈥淚F Product Design鈥 award in Germany

鈥2013 The 鈥淐OMPUTEX Top 30 Supplier Award鈥澛爄n Taipei

鈥2010 and 2011 First place winner of the 鈥淐OMPUTEX Top 10 Global Supplier鈥 award聽in Taipei

鈥2007 IDC reports 鈥淣o. 1 Local Manufacturer Of Notebooks, PC鈥檚 And Servers鈥 title in Australia