Pioneer  joins Moreton Bay Regional Council Smart City Panel


Pioneer  joins the Moreton Bay Regional Council MBRC009620 – Prequalified Panel of Suppliers – Smart Citiies for the period of 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021. Council may offer to extend this panel arrangement by a further two (2) x 12-month periods.

Pioneer  has been assessed as having the technical, financial and managerial capability to perform contracts on time and in accordance with agreed requirements.

Pioneer presents its flagship NB-IoT solutions including ultrasonic water meters, smart smoke detectors, e parking etc that would contribute to the smart cities development at Moreton Bay.


Pioneer NB IoT Smart Smoke Alarm System project is a finalist for 2020 GO SMART Award


The Pioneer NBIoT Smart Smoke Alarm System project is a finalist for 2020 GO SMART Award with juries’ high recognition.

Pioneer NBIoT Smart Smoke Alarm System supports APP, SMS, Phone call and other platform, reducing fire risk and protecting people’s life and property.

Based on the construction of the cloud platform, it is more flexible to organize solutions and convenient to realize multi-level management. Multi-screen management makes remote fire monitoring efficient.

The system collects fire facility data in real time via front-end network level, making it more accurate and efficient to eliminate fire risk, inspect fire and give off pre-alarm by Big Data analysis and data mining.

Pioneer IoT is based in Australia, specializing in NBIoT.  Besides the Smart Smoke Alarm system, other NBIoT projects include ultrasonic water meter, gas meter, LED exit signs and e Parking solution.  Pioneer IoT collaborates with all major telecommunication companies for product trials and project rollout.

GO SMART is an international network of Smart Cities. Connecting and facilitating communication between government and industry. Promoting collaboration between Smart Cities through Inter-City PoCs (Proof-of-Concept).

Product information:

Go Smart Finalist:

Pioneer  at the NSW Government C999 Event Showcase




As NSW Government Contract Supplier under C999, Pioneer  presented its flagship products to government buyers at the NSW Dept of Customer Service ICT End User Devices – Event Showcase 27 November 1pm- 4pm at the Mint.

Products presented include custom build computers, notebooks, servers, tablets and Internet of Things solutions such as Ultrasonic Water Meters, Gas Meter,s Smoke Detectors, LED Exit Lights and e parking solutions.



Pioneer IoT in Smart City Taiwan 2019


Invited by Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Pioneer IoT (IoT Division of Pioneer Computers) has joined the Sourcing Taiwan 2019 Intelligent Connectivity Greens and Smart City Conference held in Taipei.

As world’s leading NB IoT solutions provider, Pioneer IoT presented its flagship smart city solutions, including the Smart NB–IoT Ultrasonic Water and Gas Service Solution Platform, Smart NB–IoT Smoke Alarm System, NB–IoT Asset Tracker and NB–IoT Roadside eParking System With eTag Auto Payment. NBIoT is new, emerging technology in Taiwan with lots of development potential, Pioneer IoT is leading in NB IoT with 1-2 years ahead to its partners in Taiwan and Korea.

Pioneer IoT has joined the Go Smart initiative as official member. Go Smart is an international network of Smart Cities. Connecting and facilitating communication between government and industry. Promoting collaboration between Smart Cities through Inter-City PoCs (Proof-of-Concept)

Dreamcare Pet Tracker- Tech Life Award April 2018

“The Pioneer DreamCare tracker gives you an up-to-the-minute idea of where your pet is thanks to an integrated 3G SIM card (much like the one in your smartphone), Wi-Fi controls and GPS.

An added bonus is that the app also keeps track of how much exercise your pet gets. A Vodafone SIM is pre-installed in the chunky, weather proof case, and all you have to do is affix the robust rubber band, charge it up, and then follow the instructions in the app to get started.

The app can set virtual limits on where your pet roams, alerting you if they step outside a radius that you’ve marked out on a map, or if they stray outside of the range Wi-Fi on your phone (if you go walking and let them off the leash). You can also track them down by remotely activating the alarm and a flashing light.

The cost may be off-putting, as on top of the $189 RRP, the SIM costs US $2.99- $3.99 per month, but for peace of mind, it’s worth it as the unit is sturdy and the app easy to use.

Expect approximately two to three days of use between charges, depending on how much your pet goes walkabout.”

Read the April 2018 edition of Tech Life for more details.

Aussie PC maker Pioneer mounts China charge with IoT

Australian PC manufacturer Pioneer Computers is aiming to cash in on the Internet of Things market with the release of Dreamcare Dr Glucose, a non-invasive glucose measurement system.
Pioneer general manager Jeff Li said there are 100 million people with glucose-related problems in China alone, a big opportunity for its PioneerIoT business.
Dreamcare Dr Glucose system is based on the metabolic heat conformation (MHC) method. MHC involves the measurement of physiologic indices related to body heat generation and local oxygen supply.
The device, which resembles a mouse, integrates sensors that collect information from a patient’s fingertip. The internal circuit takes care of the data conversion and a microprocessor calculates the value of the parameters. The result is displayed on any personal device with the app provided, compatible with iOS and Android.
The process takes 60 seconds and is 88.4 percent accurate compared against an Autolab 18 automatic biochemical analyser blood glucose, according to PioneerIoT, the most used product in the bigger test labs and hospitals with 99 percent accuracy.
According to Li, investing in the health market is part of the company’s growth plan for the next 10 years.
Li said the target market extends from home users to clinics and hospitals, because the product is very simple to use and there is no need for blood samples.
Dreamcare is already available for buy directly from the website or via partners who will get rebates from the sales.
Li added that PioneerIoT has received enquiries about the product from China, Japan, US and Europe.