Pioneer Traffic Monitoring Solutions

Violation Detection

Ensures driver & pedestrian safety, making traffic more orderly

Typical Scenarios: CRLS

  • Large traffic flow


  • Large people flow

T Junctions


Road Safety
  • Regulates driving behavior, reduces road violations to reduce traffic accident rates, improves traffic safety, makes traffic more orderly
Enforcement Efficiency
  • Prevents disputes between citizens and law enforcement, enhances efficiency and standardization of law enforcement
Performance & Functionality
  • Variety of detections – Red Light Running, Wrong-Way Driving, Not Following The Directional Sign, Illegal Lane Change, Weaving out of the lane, Speeding Capture, etc.
  • Captures vehicle feature data – LPR, vehicle color, vehicle brand, vehicle type
  • All in one design – Reduces installation costs


  • A set of solutions support a variety of violation detections
  • Recommended installation height: 6 meters, front or side installation

Vehicle Information Collection

Typical Scenarios :FSS & P2P & RBM & MPS

  • Heavy traffic flow

  • Heavy foot traffic

Urban Roads

  • Heavy traffic flow

  • High speed vehicle



Public Security
  • Driver behavior and vehicle characteristic information are combined to locate evidence quickly and accelerate incident resolution
Traffic Management
  • Regulates driving behaviors, quickly locks on illegal vehicles, reducing the traffic accident rate and improving traffic safety
Performance & Functionality
  • LPR accuracy: > 98%
  • Vehicle types: Car / Van / Bus / Truck / Light Truck / SUV or MPV / Pickup / Pedestrian /Motorcycle / Tricycle
  • Vehicle color: Red, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, cyan, brown, white, grey, black (daytime recognition only)


  • Recognizes license plate, color, type, brand of vehicle
  • Detects phone use and seatbelt status
  • Applications include traffic control, monitoring, etc.
  • Recommended 6-meter installation height, front or side installation

Combined Red light Speed Detection (CRLS)

Combined Red light Speed Detection


  • Detects a variety of traffic violations including Red light running, Wrong-way driving, Not following the directional sign, illegal lane change, weaving out of the lane, speeding, etc.
  • Captures abundant vehicle feature data – LPR, vehicle color, brand, type.
  • All-in-one design reduces installation costs


Road Safety
  • Regulates traffic, reduces road violations to reduce the traffic accident rate
  • Improves traffic safety and order, provides safety guarantees for drivers and pedestrians
Enforcement Efficiency
  • Prevents conflicts between police and citizens and enhances efficiency
  • Standardizes law enforcement

Speed measurement – Fix Spot and Average Speed Measurement

Speed Measurement


  • Detects speed with high accuracy
  • Detects wrong-way driving, weaving out of the lane, and other traffic violations
  • Provides structured vehicle data such as license plate recognition, speed, average speed, vehicle color, brand, & type
  • IR solution reduces light pollution


Main Road Safety

  • Regulates driving, reduces speeding violations to reduce traffic accident ratio and improves main road traffic safety
  • Warns drivers to PSLow down in advance at the entrance of highway tunnels and more

Enforcement Efficiency

  • Reduces enforcement disputes caused by manual intervention to enhance efficiency
  • Standardizes law enforcement processes