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We pride ourselves on being the world’s leading provider of NB-IoT solutions. Our unique and highly personalised approach to provide the latest technology at competitive prices. We believe that through partnerships with some of the world’s premier research facilities we are able to take advantage, setting us apart from the competition.

NB-IoT Livestock GPS Tracker Ear Tag

Facilitates the tracking and monitoring of livestock assets with multiple positioning systems, digital fencing, and virtually zero maintainence.

NB-IoT Water Service Solution Platform

A solution grasping regional water demands, it can balance the supply and marketing, dropout rates, non–chargeable water and reducing the marketing, production costs and risk management within the operation of a city’s water supply.

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Residential NB-IoT  Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Designed for residential gas measuring applications that demand a high degree of accuracy and reliability, connected to NB-IoT networks to allow for expanded functionality and interconnection.