Pioneer DreamCare 3G All In One Smart Watch


High quality metal watch frame Leather watchband
Comfortable and beautiful



Change your imagine to smart watch
Non Invasive Glucose Monitor

Independent 2 Ways Communication
SOS Emergency Call
Bluetooth device combination
Home care platform integration
Cloud personal health management
Activities safety application
Active fall detection
remote care control
Dynamic heart rate and blood pressure measurement
Medication treatment reminder
Voice order posture order
Instant location GPS/W1F1/GSM/BT
Yes sir!!
Non Invasive Glucose Monitor

SIM card available

Insert SIM card into healthcare

smart watch Full signal for rescue,

communication and location

Active APP care

Care giver APP

Care about wearer anytime

Tracking for health and position

User friendly button design

Easy button for usage

Precision Position

Many position location methods

Keep user safe and relax

High quality metal watch frame Leather watchband Wear

Comfortable and beautiful

  1. Chipset
  2. OS
  3. RAM
  5. Battary
  6. GPS
  7. Communicator
  8. Sensor Hub
  9. Sensor
  10. Button
  11. Appearance
  12. Waterproof
  13. Size
  14. SIM card lid
  1. Intel XMM 6321
  2. Android
  3. 512MB/1GB
  4. 850/900/1800/1900 850/2100
  5. 500mAh Li-ion
  6. Ceramic Antenna
  7. Wi-Fi BLE4.0
  8. Sensor Hub support
  9. PAH8002 and Barometric pressure BMP20G+Gyro
  10. 3 for open, rescue and return
  11. Aluminium alloy+leather+multiple choice of clasp
  12. IP66/IP67
  13. 44mm X 41mm X 13.5mm
  14. Simple Nano SIM card charge lid


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