Pioneer NB IoT Roadside eParking System With eTag Auto Payment

Pioneer’s NB IoT roadside e-parking system is the command center solution with eTag/eWay RFID Reader auto payment for road parking management and is responsible equipment management, transaction processing, distribution of settlements, and customer service. It can connect with other IoT systems management platforms to implement the exchange of data and sharing of resources.

The solution features parking detectors which contain inbuilt magnetic sensors and RFID reader that can detect whether a car has parked, and it can accurately record the berth time and payment by eTag/eWay RFID reader. For inspectors there is a PDA/smartphone which can be used to handle all the aspects of the platform such as back–end orders, completion of parking violations including the location pictures and data for fine processing etc. In emergency cases the PDA can be used in manual mode to complete parking violations after obtaining special authorization from the system for the issue of immediate fines onsite.

a diagram

NB IoT wireless public network communication is generally used between the front–end equipment and the management platform itself, NB IoT network is used between the parking detectors and the management data center. The parking state information that is acquired by the parking detectors is transmitted from the roadside and after it is summarized is uploaded to the management platform wirelessly.

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Pioneer All in One NB IoT Vehicle detector & eTag/eWay RFID Reader Specification

Type Explanation
dimension Diameter :98mm,height :77mm;
Response time Magnetic 3 second, RFID 20 seconds;
battery life Built-in battery life is up to 5 years.
working temperature -40~80℃
Communication mode NB IoT upload data to data center
Detection accuracy ≥99%
Anti-interference property Channel isolation technology, multiple devices do not interfere with each other.
data security Cryptographic computation and security authentication to prevent link detection.
Install method It is installed underground, and it is flush with the ground without visual obstacles. It does not affect pedestrian traffic, and has no specific installation direction.
Waterproof grade Using waterproof and anti-pressure design, accord with IP68 protection standard.
system maintenance Support online upgrade and online modification of parameter.
Anti-interference property Channel isolation technology, multiple devices do not interfere with each other.
RFID working frequency 433M/470M/2.4GHz、125KHz