DC Charging Station

Product Overview

At Pioneer, we want to establish a one-stop turnkey EV AC & DC Charging
solutions that enable we are your first choice when it comes to implement
EV AC & DC charger projects.

Pioneer DC charging station is the latest generation of EV charging device.
It charges electric vehicles (EV) in DC/AC modes. and charges up three cars

The station can dynamically allocate total power to the outputs. according
to users demands or to the availability of the grid. For example, if there are
two same cars connected to a 60KW station, the station can dynamically
allocate 30KW to each of them. If one is disconnected, the total power
(60 kW) is dynamically supplied to the remaining one. This flexibility always
ensures avaliabilty and high efficiency on all outputs.

DC charging station is specifically designed with a modular structure
to ensure maximum flexibility and to allow for upgrades. even after
installation. Therefore. we can supply a variety of charging powers and
configurations that range from 60 kW to 360 kW.

Technical Specifications

Key Specifications
  • 3-gun synchronous charging (2 DC + 1 AC).
  • The modular structure 20/30/40KW. Power modulars could be stackable.
  • Dynamic allocation on DC outputs (Constant power module).
  • IP55, IK10.
  • Maximum rate of 95% charging efficiency.
  • Highly efficient heat exchange to ensure operation in any weather.
  • CE certification (prior to customer requirements).
Signal and Control
  • 7-inch touchscreen to display the charging information.
  • RFID Reader, Credit Card POS optional
  • Emergency stop button.
  • LED indicator.
  • OCPP 1.6 Json protocol (free upgrade to 2.0 in the future).
  • Network interface: Ethernet (WIFI, 3G/4G LTE as optional).
Connector Type

Multiple configurations (CCS2, CHAdeMO, GB is customizable), and Type2
(up to 43KW optional)



Rated supply voltage OOV AC ± 10% (3P + N + PE)
Ground system type TT or TN (both with PE)
Maximum rated capacity 110kVA 143kVA 176kVA 210kVA
Maximum rated current 159A 207A 255A 304A
Power factor 0.99%
Maximum efficiency > 95%
THD < 5%
Frequency 50-60Hz


Charging method Mode 3 , Mode 4
Available sockets CHAdeMO, CCS2, GB, Type2
Maximum AC output power (Type 2) 43KW
Rated AC output voltage (Type 2) 400V AC ± 10%
Rated AC output current ( Type 2) 63A
DC output rated power (CCS) 60KW 90KW 120KW 180KW
DC output rated voltage (CCS) 150 ~1000V DC
DC output rated current (CCS) 200A
DC output rated power (CHAdeMO) 30-120 kW
Rated DC output voltage (CHAdeMO) 150-600V DC
Maximum DC output current (CHAdeMO) 200A
DC output rated power (GB) 60KW 90KW 120KW 180KW
DC output rated voltage (GB) 150-750V DC
Maximum DC output current (GB) 250A


Dimensions 724 x 820 x 1855 mm (LxWxH)
Charging cable length 4M, 5M, 6M
Weight 320 kg 335 kg 360 kg 400 kg
IK protection level IK10
Shell material Galvanized steel
Pollution level PD3


IP protection level IP55
Operating temperature -25~50°C
Storage temperature -30~70°C
Humidity 0~95% (non-condensing)
Max Elevation 2000m
Cooling Forced-air cooling
Connection to the power supply Permanent
Indoor/Outdoor installation Indoor/Outdoor


Fixed or detachable installation Fixed
Electric shock protection measures Class1
Measuring accuracy MID certified (Level 0.5)
Network Interface Ethernet (WIFI, 3g/4g LTE as optional)
HMI 7-inch touchscreen
Emergency stop button Supported
Supported languages English, Spanish, Italian, and French. Others on request
LED status Green, Red, Blue
OCPP protocol 1.6 JSON
Standards IEC61851-1, IEC61851-21-2, IEC61851-23, IEC61851-24
Certificate RCM SAA CE