NB IoT Asset Tracker makes it possible to follow valuables from computer/smartphone.

Mobile coverage over NBIoT give you more safer tracking. Find your valuables anytime anywhere, Up to 5-10 years battery life.

Key Features

Identify Location

Recognized the near real-time location

Historical Routing Page

Check routes taken by specific objects

Geo-fencing Alert

When the object gets in/out of geo-fencing, a notification will on-demand alerts

Temperature Monitoring (Option)

Alarm will be trigger when device interior temperature in abnormal range

Low Battery Notification

The battery setting will be monitored with low level event alarm

Tamper Detection

If the device is removed from the baseplate the tamper switch will be activated and will wake up the device to send an alert

Ruggedized Design

IP66 Certification

Ability to resist ingress of dust and withstand high-pressure and steam cleaning

ip66 or 69k

Shock Bump Water Dust

MIL-STD-810G Proven (Option)

Rugged proven IoT product

Impact Test (Option)

Simulate tracker attached to objects with 10kgs force and falls & hit the ground

Solar & Secondary Battery (Option)

Dual mode design to support re-chargable and non-chargable battery option

Outdoor Environment Use

UV and Solar test

Oils Exposure Test

Engine oil, diesel fuel and gasoline exposure and continue to a high Temperature-Humidity test