Pioneer IoT Smart Driving Fleet Management Solution With Live View and Recording

Pioneer IoT series cloud recorder combines the latest up-the-cloud multimedia and data technology, allowing personal vehicle and corporate fleet management. Cloud recorder utilizes web or app for remote live view, playback, driving behavior, route history, collision and emergency notification. It provides additional security and scalable cloud service on demand for all level of enterprises or personal usages.

Scalability is key in Pioneer IoT product NDA, cloud recorder can be used for reviewing personal traveling route and footage; or it can keep track, maximize operation time and security with all company vehicles. Cloud recorder is built with IOT in mind for a complete and versatile B2B solution. We open the door to cross industries partnership for transportation, logistics, vehicle maintenance and insurance.

Smart Driving Fleet Management Solution Features

Real Time Upload:

Video and GPS data upload through Smartphone and tablet, sync in real time via app and web.

Remote Playback:

Playback footages and route history on any device.

Fleet Management:

Co-ordination, stop point & route management, speeding and idle notification.

Driver Behavior:

Driver behavior analysis, usual route comparisons, abnormal GPS and G-sensor information.

Emergency Assistance:

Sudden G-sensor trigger and manual emergency will be forwarded to any device assigned.

Smart Driving Fleet Management Cloud Service

Support tablet / Smartphone / PC


Video and GPS data upload through Smartphone and tablet, sync in real time via app and web.


Bluetooth and WiFi:

Connection via Bluetooth or WiFi


Live view or playback footages and route history.


Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge / IE


iOS / Android