Pioneer IoT in Smart City Taiwan 2019


Invited by Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Pioneer IoT (IoT Division of Pioneer Computers) has joined the Sourcing Taiwan 2019 Intelligent Connectivity Greens and Smart City Conference held in Taipei.

As world’s leading NB IoT solutions provider, Pioneer IoT presented its flagship smart city solutions, including the Smart NB–IoT Ultrasonic Water and Gas Service Solution Platform, Smart NB–IoT Smoke Alarm System, NB–IoT Asset Tracker and NB–IoT Roadside eParking System With eTag Auto Payment. NBIoT is new, emerging technology in Taiwan with lots of development potential, Pioneer IoT is leading in NB IoT with 1-2 years ahead to its partners in Taiwan and Korea.

Pioneer IoT has joined the Go Smart initiative as official member. Go Smart is an international network of Smart Cities. Connecting and facilitating communication between government and industry. Promoting collaboration between Smart Cities through Inter-City PoCs (Proof-of-Concept)

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